Staycation Spending

I definitely enjoy a good staycation. I like getting to go to my kids’ schools (they’re at different ones than where I teach.) I enjoy helping with all the zig-zag driving my wife normally has to do. If I choose to go in and do some work, it’s my choice and on my time. I decide when I eat. I shower later in the morning or even in the afternoon. I run around and do errands that I can’t do during the school day, because, well, it’s a school day, and on the weekends we are running around doing children’s games, recitals, or practices.

The problem is I end up spending money when I’m not working. Sure, we went to the library today on my last day of Spring Break, and my sons and I played soccer and tag on my school’s football field. But I couldn’t get away from spending some money. We got lunch out, and I even splurged on some ice cream because it was a balmy 58 degrees out. Over the ten days off, I think I went to the grocery store at least four times (even with my wife making two or three trips there too).

I guess I thought that a staycation would be super cheap, and obviously it is compared to traveling. But I just don’t like spending money when it doesn’t seem like I’m earning money (working).

5 thoughts on “Staycation Spending

  1. Interesting perspective. I consider my earnings happening 24/7 while I’m in a position. I love a change of scene, but have to admit that time to putter around home and be unstructured is sure a good rest. Some people come back from travel vacations worse off than before they left. 🙂

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  2. I feel the same way! A “staycation” usually ends up costing me- mostly on groceries, occasionally on an online “splurge” because, well, “I didn’t go anywhere this vacation so I can spend a little money” – lol. Sounds like you had a relaxing vacation, non-the-less! 🙂

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