What have you done to me?!

Dear Two Writing Teachers,

What have you done with the Facebook-checking, ESPN-score-monitoring, video-scrolling mornings I used to have? This time of year I’m normally poring over my bracket, analyzing “what if” scenarios in others’ brackets, and seeing if I’m at least ahead of the teachers who haven’t watched a minute of basketball this season.

Now I’m busy reading other people’s posts intrigued by their lives, their stories, their style of writing. Now I’m commenting on them, re-reading my comment before hitting post, and revising my comment. Now I’m thinking about that incident yesterday or that thing that happened last year in class and seeing if I can turn it into a slice. Now I’m wishing I could “slice” earlier in the day instead of at 9pm when all the kids are in bed. I even turned off the NCAA tournament last night because I wanted to really concentrate on my writing! What are you doing to me?

You’re making me a better writing teacher, or at least making me hope to be a better writing teacher more than I ever had. Thank you.


16 thoughts on “What have you done to me?!

  1. Three weeks in and I don’t know myself anymore. My routines have changed to allow for this quiet time each day to produce and then read. Thanks for causing me to stop and reflect on the challenge’s impact on me.

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  2. What a creative piece. Most of us are thinking similar thoughts but have not thought to write a letter about it. You are right, the month of March for me changes my life style, my focus is on capturing many writing styles, writing the best I can and reading as many posts as possible. I am also looking closely at my daily events to find stories .

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  3. So cool to notice the change in yourself and then to also share it! Would that we could sprinkle some of this magic in our classrooms. Oh, wait a minute, I bet that’s exactly what’s happening! Thanks for sharing your celebration.

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  4. Your slice speaks volumes of truth! It’s amazing how wrapped up we can get in this challenge – all for good!! Love the energy in this open letter, which, is a great format! Thanks for sharing!

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  5. You’re slice filled my heart to the brim. This is what it’s all about.

    BTW: I had no time to research my bracket this year, but after last night’s games, it seems I’m “beating” my husband. 😉

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  6. I believe most of us have had to change one thing or another during this writing challenge. I’m getting up earlier so I can write in the mornings when I feel more awake. For me, it has been less news and book reading in the mornings and more writing.

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  7. This could be my favorite post of the month! While I hope you find time over the weekend to do some bracketing, I love that slicing and reading slices is another March obsession. They combine for a crazy month, don’t they! Warning: April’s a let down!

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  8. I loved this post and found it refreshing to hear from one of the guys in our community of writers. We are as curious about you guys as you are about us! “Intrigued by their lives, their stories, their styles of writing,” are what has been driving you. So we are all just the same!

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  9. I dug deep for my slice today, but reading yours made me realize that I should be proud of the commitment I made to myself to keep writing. So many times I have wanted to pass, but I kept going. Thanks for this humorous way to help this writer and reader reflect. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts this month.

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