Music to my ears

“Can I work on this at home?”

“Can we do this at recess?”

“Are we going to have time to finish the stories we started yesterday?”

“After lunch can we ask the other Reading teachers if we can do Writing first instead?”

“Can we sit at a special table together at lunch and write?”

“That was the shortest lunch ever!” “You mean because you were busy writing during it?” “Yeah!”

“Writing’s my favorite subject now!”

Music to a writing teacher’s ears.

I really didn’t do much. I promise. We are starting our adapted fairy tale unit. The past two days I have been reading and reading and reading and letting them read fairy tales- original and adapted ones.  And all I did (as a pre-assessment) was ask them to write me a fairy tale, to tell me what they knew about the genre of fairy tales.

Gosh, they are running with these stories. Now, I haven’t even read the work they’ve so eagerly dove into, but I almost don’t want to. I think they’re writing for the pure joy of writing. So, I hope this doesn’t sound like bragging. I have yet to “teach” a craft move or any mini-lesson on fairy tales. I am just celebrating the joy to hear these words and to see them so excited.

We started the school year with some information writing. Then we did free verse poetry. We recently finished having them write persuasive speeches. I guess they were dying to write narrative stories. Shame on me for not realizing that sooner, but hooray for both students and teacher that they’re so enthralled with writing at the moment.


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