I’m tired

Didn’t sleep well

Up at midnight, again at 3, one more time at 4

Should I go back to sleep

Should I get up and do a few things

See who’s already sliced

Make comments

Alarm will go off at 5

Is it worth it to sleep some more

I toss

I turn

Struggle to think peaceful thoughts

At some point I doze back to sleep

Because that 5 o’clock alarm startles me

I’m so tired I can’t even punctuate this


5 thoughts on “Tired

  1. “I’m so tired I can’t even punctuate this” HA! I am so so so tired. And here I sit. And you know what? I can write the rest of tomorrow’s slice tomorrow because I had a sleep like yours last night. Is it ok to thank you for inspiring me to sleep?

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  2. your poem is punctuation this however is a mess without any punctuation at all get some sleep and maybe all those capitals and periods and commas will come back but really they are not important

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