What would you do with your fifteen minutes?

A library substitute, who happened to also be a parent in my room, poked her head in our classroom door and looked confused. She scanned the room, searching for something. As she caught my eye, I saw her eyes widen slightly, surprised to see me. She remarked that she had thought that I wasn’t in the room and she had a book for a student of mine. I had been camouflaged among the students on our classroom couch. We were chatting about “Impossible Trivia” on the radio, about our brackets, about our field trip the next day, about the late UVA game, etc.

On these rotation days we have fifteen extra minutes of homeroom time, because PE starts fifteen minutes later. We can have an extended Morning Meeting if we want or a bit more time for a Morning Meeting Activity. I can give them a few more minutes to settle into school, chat with their friends, or resume something from the day before. It’s definitely a more relaxed feel. It’s only fifteen minutes, but the other days, we’re always seeing how much of Morning Meeting we can squeeze in before we have to head off to somewhere or other. It’s why I was just sitting there and hanging with my students.

Time is a frequent theme in many of my reflections and some of my blog posts. When I’m not rushed, I take the time to listen a bit better. When there’s time, my body relaxes more and my mind isn’t thinking about the next moment. With extra time, I’m not as irritable if something isn’t exactly as I planned or hoped. When I have more time, I see and hear more.


6 thoughts on “What would you do with your fifteen minutes?

  1. Time makes us better in most aspects of life for sure. It’s a good OLW to try for the year. I have to say, I’m impressed you’re spending yours right now writing and NOT watching! Love the movement in this post from right there in the scene to reflection.

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  2. How you spend your time says a lot about who you are. Listening and building relationships is huge and so very important. Kids crave that kind of time to hang out with the teacher.

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