Music Memories

It’s bittersweet, more sweet than bitter, bitter than sweet.

Shout, shout, let it all out. These are the things I can do without.

Wild boys! Wild boys! The wild boys are calling, on their way back from the fire.

The Reflex, flex, flex, flex,flex

These songs echoed in our bathroom as I got ready this morning. They transported me back to several different times in my life.

-A crisp fall day in Colorado riding around Washington Park in my friend’s open-air Jeep

-Middle school days glued to MTV waiting for the newest Michael Jackson creation or racy Duran Duran video

-Parachute pants and spiked hair and flowing white shirts

-Cassette tapes and some odd, deep blue, corduroy-ish fabric in my brother’s Volvo 240DL

I wonder what my kids will remember in the future when they hear songs from their childhood/teenage years.


6 thoughts on “Music Memories

  1. Those songs definitely bring back high school days for me, as do the other items you list! It is pretty interesting to think about what our kids will remember? Will it be the old fashioned iPhone X? Or watching DVDs in the car? Maybe it will be that funny YouTube thing… strange to imagine such a future.

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  2. Parachute pants. I used to want those worse than my next breath. I recently found a few old cassette tapes in the basement but I do not have any way to play them. Remember how a friend would make a special mix just for you? Do people do that anymore with playlists?

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  3. Very interesting and it leaves me thinking what will my students hear ten years down the road that makes them stop and remember a moment? I like the songs you chose to share with us. Duran Duran had some excellent music.

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    1. First is Big Head Todd and the Monsters from like 1990, then Tears for Fears, and last two are Duran Duran. Other days I throw in some New Edition or Terrence Trent D’Arby.


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