Things I’m learning this month

Encouragement goes a long way– In the 30 days of blogging and about 100 comments on my posts, you all only offered encouraging thoughts or connections. I never heard a single bit of criticism, even when I knew that it wasn’t the best quality writing. Thank you, fellow bloggers/writers/educators!

Take some risks– I’ve been teaching for 23 years now, and I always say that I most enjoy teaching math. I never saw myself as a writer, so teaching writing was just part of the job. This Challenge was a risk. Lisa Keeler suggested it to all of our faculty. I can imagine her jaw on the floor when she read my email that I was interested. We planned a time to chat about it, and she was nothing but encouraging throughout the whole process. If you are taking a risk, it is helpful to have someone as kind and supportive as Lisa is.

Writing opens my eyes and ears– I’ve been looking and observing more closely. Frankly it makes life much more interesting.

I owe my student writers much more patience, acknowledgement, and time- I need to be more aware of possible writer’s block or any outside issue keeping kids from writing. When they do write, I have been trying to honor that they got their words on paper and that’s a great first step. I’ve been really thinking about how much time I put into each entry and how much time I should be giving to students to write.

I can write– I’m still not confident that anything I write is truly any good, but I do believe here and there, I’ve conveyed my message clearly.

Thanks so much to the Two Writing Teachers group and the SOLC community!


6 thoughts on “Things I’m learning this month

  1. Every one of these points is vitally important — the words of encouragement DO go so far! Do keep writing – come back on Tuesdays for the weekly challenge, for one thing I’ve learned is that the connection with other writers here often grows me more than anything else. CONGRATS on running your race well, and for crossing the finish line. And write on. 🙂

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  2. This is wonderful. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to read more of your blog this month. You’ve learned so much in these 31 short days! It’s always amazing to me what the slice of life challenge does for me, for my understanding of myself as a blogger, of what it means to make a daily commitment to writing, of what it means to be in conversation with other writers through the comments. So glad you enjoyed this challenging month!

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  3. This is a great personal reflection and such a lovely way to say thank you to your readers / commenters. You really must continue by becoming a Tuesday slicer. The pace is much more relaxed and you can easily visit many posts throughout the week to comment and learn. Here’s to Tuesday’s at TWT.

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