What am I supposed to write!?

I have no thoughts.

I have no interesting ideas to share.

I have no shining moments to highlight and relate to life.

I have no lows to grumble about and learn a new life lesson.

I’m not feeling inspired by anything in particular.

I surely don’t have a story to tell. To unfold. To tell bit-by-bit. To play that movie in my mind. To show, not tell.

I think I’m preoccupied with so many other things and barely focusing on that present moment. I’m not really present. Not really aware. Not really paying close attention. I’m multi-tasking (so I think) and not really concentrating.

I hope tomorrow I live more like a writer.

3 thoughts on “Blockhead

  1. This is what happened to me the last 2 -3 days. Suddenly it was impossible to find a topic, to care about a topic, to feel like you have something interesting to say or reflect on. Strange. But now that you’ve laid it all out, I’m sure tomorrow you will live more like a writer. Hang in there.

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