Like father, like son

As I’m reading through slices early this morning, I hear singing. I know it’s the four-year old. He is always the second awake in our house. I listen a bit more closely. He’s singing and rapping “You’re Welcome” from Moana. His ten-year old brother has been singing this song for the past week, as he prepares for a quasi-audition for a summer camp production.

Nothing gets by the four-year old. He’s always listening to us. He’s imitating us. In so many ways he is his own little self and, of course, has his own character. But his gestures, his facial expressions, his humor are all modeled after his older brother.

I have an older brother, too. I also have an older sister. My sister and I are numbers two and three of the four Raffinan children. For so many years in high school, in college, and post-college, I modeled myself and tried to emulate my older sister. I wanted the tight group of female and male friends she always had. I tried to balance working and studying hard with having fun and enjoying things like she did. In high school and college, I was a solid, obedient student and could be mischievous like her.

Now, my sister and I live about 2.5 hours apart. We have our own families, our own careers, our own hobbies, our own cities, etc. And I still look up to her, just like our four-year old does to his older brother.

5 thoughts on “Like father, like son

  1. This slice made me smile. Your four year old’s imitation of his older brother reminded me of a parent’s comments years ago when I was a Pre-Kindergarten Teacher. A parent told me of how their child would sent up school with her toys and talked to them exactly as I did. “Nothing gets by the four-year old.”

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  2. Your writing must have been calling to me today as I struggle with what to write about…and there it is…finding a memory that lives in a sibling. I’ll give it some thought…
    What caught my attention about your writing today is the way in which you created such a simple path for your readers to follow your story. Nicely done!

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    1. Thanks so much. I can’t exactly describe how thoughtful your comment landed and how it impacted me. That wrinkly, frowny smile and lump in my throat, maybe? Or I guess maybe honored (or dumbfounded) that my writing might have called to someone else. And also thanks for saying the part about a “simple path…to follow.”

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